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We partially or totally support the processes covering:
Knowledge about the company and its situation.
Description of the position profile.
Definition of the wanted personnel profile.
Job posting through the media and channels.
Reclassification of CV by indicators.
Personal interview by competences.
Aptitude test.
Work references.
Work experience verification.
Approaching the contractual conditions.
Definition of the process goals.
Elaboration of the evaluation format.
Position and personnel data collection.
Elaboration of assessing officers and those evaluated.
Management of the evaluation process.
Analysis and diagnosis of the information.
Elaboration of the management report.
Personnel Evaluation and Development
We partially or totally support the processes covering:
Special Studies
We provide support to the entrepreneurs in the strong policy of evaluating periodically management indicators allowing to observe the internal view of the personnel about the different aspects they are concerned about and define their degree of satisfaction and identification:
Internal and external image factors.
Organization and management factors.
Function and position valuation factors.